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August 30, 2011 / b. honey

a lil something for the insane times♥ a playlist

link to : a lil something for the insane times♥ playlist

a musical journey, gently drilling into my rugged skull, and finding rich, creamy, raspberry-and-red-chile-flavored buttercream underneath all that dark chocolate…
hurricanes, earthquakes, FOREST FIRE IGNITING METEORS???
gotta keep pushing until the monsters in monster island wake up and reclaim their territory! we’ll have to figure it out from there.

BUT ANYWAYS, thay go, much respect, please enjoy, it’s mostly funky but as in life, i’m all over the place :)

a lil something for the insane times♥

expermenting with methods of sharing playlists. you'll have to clique here. no fear.

1. i can’t stop jamming this for sixbillion reasons, the most important being that it reminds me of a time when my soul was all new and waking up to the yoli things in life, a feeling i get again when i hear this music. 2. please ignore the miranda july (but do read her short stories). the “performance” takes away from the gangsta appeal of blonde redhead, esp. singer Kazu Makino! just close your eyes… 3. this is what i listen to when i fly across the cactus kingdom. 4. recently took a trip to dracula’s lair. long live jah funky dub! 5. dedicated to the Clean Up Crue / Soft Museum, the funkiest cats in town! & remember, kids, the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill, ya dig? 6. gomez’s believe it or not: if this song came out in 1994, i was 7-8 years old. and i was jammin this (on KISS FM when they played mostly g-funk and house music on friday nights). believe it. or not. 7. romantic moment to favorite psychic-alien-rapper canibus? yoli-lifetime♥ 8. it’s the girl that you thought was whack & never called back. you, me, & a dope beat. 9. Ugh, speaking of dope beats. ya’ll better be gettin’ funky in your respective locations by now. by the way, ESG, early house music, why wasn’t i there!! 10. at the end of the day, songs like this drive me to attain perfection, in my art and otherwise. i’m just a lil person like the rest of ya, trying to make the next day even better…



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