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July 29, 2011 / b. honey

the tattooed lady and other stories

sumthin i cooked up while at work yesterday with sum lucious crayola markers. started as a doodle, ended up as something unexpected and quite lovely ♥ it may not be perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.

my name is autumndawn & i was born to draw, i feel 30 feet tall even though i'm 5-foot-4

stuff i’m thinkin about:

  • imported tattoo magazines will help improve foliage drawing, and leave you with a new desire for a new tattoo and an appreciation for the aroma of quality ink.  (the foliage part is true, the rest i bought at borders for 40% off)
  • the insanity of the past few months have given me a new appreciation for having free time, free space, and a sound mind. it’s time to step it up. holla at those psychic twins!
  • why did ami miller take her young gattas battle offa youtube?
    doesn’t matter, here’s the battle on for all you girl pittbulls in skirts, bikini tops, and baseball caps in need of something to fuel the desire to become a female boss and kang ♥ (pretty rude, not for soft ears or babies)

well, off to dew stuff.
got a whole night of funkyass house to conquer a dancefloor to & sum sewing to do before it starts!

everyone is a baby!

with kindness and love,


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