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June 8, 2011 / b. honey

a gnarly poem i’ve written ♥


One night I dreamed
we were far away from home
You’re probably doing the same thing as me:
Warming up your takeout in bare feet,
Thinking Someday someday someday someday someday someday
And nothing happens and nothing happens
And the rice noodles are fucking cold and
Once I felt your tongue on my lips
Stark in the daytime
Crowded room and nowhere to go
The snakes that make up my heart
Wriggle on their one stomach muscle
And my spit is like acid
And the sheet of silicate
On my alter makes shade
And cuts little nics in-between my
One night I dreamt there was a storm coming
You’re probably whispering into the phone
Pulling some girl’s strings
Stockings, straps
down her shoulders, down the hatch
I’m not lipstick, I’m cobalt
Lying flat on the floor with stars for eyes
Knobby bare hipbones cold on cement
Take you over dainty collarbone
Can I watch you crush
Cardboard marrow
Sweet smelling hair that
Hasn’t been washed
Grasses grow from me
One night I dreamed this.


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