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May 5, 2011 / b. honey

happy new springtime ♥ (a playlist)


track key:
1. we get high – devin the dude
i was making this playlist for foe-twenty, but now that the soft museum has graduated from The Come Up to The Jump Off – more work, more urb, more fun, more love. but this is one of my favorite devin trax, i love odd squad, cuz like me, they odd & intellegent. the proof is in the puddin, the puddin be in the proof.
2. home – lcd soundsystem
this is some real shit. i got into it one evening on a ride down from taos pueblo. i’m like, “who am i?” and “do i really mean anything to anyone?” and then i go home and make things and think about what i’m really fighting for. when i’m in the human world, i am not real. but every other moment should feel as beautiful and unsure as this track. make sense? no? that’s because it makes me feel a way i can’t describe.
3. lay in a shimmer – pantha du prince
techno-logically speakin, i never knew minimal music could be so bangin. it’s like one of those moments when the sun is setting through the trees and then you realize that you’re wearing a t-shirt at dusk and don’t feel cold at all. it’s like hearing the 1st cricket of the year outside your momma house. it’s riding in the back seat with friends and not listening to anything except for the headlights passing and the streetlamps flickering.
4. you can’t stop me now – RZA feat. inspectah deck
like i said, we made the come up, and now we’re at the jump off. this is exactly what you want to hear. “we went platinum *whoppishhhhhh* yeah we flattin them.” i’m hungry. has no time to hear about your process or what your trying to say with experemental performance. i do it cause i feel it and i believe it and i’m real about it. and i’ve learned to distinguish between the hard workers and the hard talkers. word.
5.dawning of a new era – the specials
i want to be like the specials. dapper punks, wild screaming, great guitar solos, socially concious lyrics, for real real.
6. rap snitch knishes – MFdoom y Mr. Fantastik
in an imaginary universe, my little brother be MFdoom and i am Mr. Fantastik. if we were tiny kids again, we’d jump on the bed and sing this. plus, the instrumental is good for mall-walkin’.
7.if you want me to stay – sly and the family stone
one of my all time favorite songs. i’ll play it over and over and sing along and the neighbors probably wonder who’s killing the cat. there’s nothing in the world like funk bass. there’s nothing in the world like sly stone growling about when you see him again. no matter how many boys i’ve been through, this has always been my song to me.
8. fantasy – mariah carey feat. ODB
my favorite mariah song, especially since it’s blessed by ODB. what? um.. i chose this ’cause i thought i’d publish it on foe-twenty. it make me want to dance. it make me want to girl out. it make me think about that little chinese girl on Rush Hour. i think it’s a good track, okay? “what you gonna do when you get out of jail?” “i’m gonna learn to read.”
9.computerlove – kraftwerk
i don’t know what it is, but this is on the intense drawing and arting mix. then it gets stuck in my head… and i’m like you know what kraftwork song is freaking awesome? computerlove. i guess that’s how you fall in love with these types of things.
10. butterflies – michael jackson
i’ve been on this song for months, cuz i feel it so much! the instrumental is immaculate, and mj’s voice… you know he means it for real. et plus there’s someone i think about to this song, which make it extra sweet. who is it? someone who don’t acknowledge my smile… when i try to say hello, to you♥ no  seriously, michael’s gonna resurect in 2012. he’s that powerful!
11.cleva – erykah badu
because i’m cleva, always on your mind.
12.ride of your life – gift of gab
this one’s for my people who see past it, who plan to leave this earth not by suicide, but by spacecraft. this one’s for those kids who didn’t fall for the ignorance. this one’s for the rugged beauties. not the liars and cheaters, but the one’s searching for truth and clarity and living their lives as such. you know who ya’ll are.


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