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March 30, 2011 / b. honey

super special fun happy spring double edition (featuring rapper Murs!)

today’s soundtrack:
You Can’t Stop Me – The RZA feat. Inspectah Deck!

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how does one know if he or she is or is not psychic?
what if the coincidences start coinciding more and more often?

do you look for professor x?
maybe by the end of the year i will be telekenetic, there’s really no telling.

did i tell you we met rapper murs? last night, in front of corazon, in the town where many believe nothing happens. lil’ nico even got complimented on his chief hoodie! (not to mention the hunting tour nini and i went on in the afternoon, which included graveyards, matadors, bearded ladies, flirting with this tourbus, driving around blocks…. etc.)
que viva santa! what else could be said?

so anyways, we’re taking it to the next level. in the lab. nothin but hussle after that bitter cold season. i’m hungry.

honey gomez


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