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March 5, 2011 / b. honey

i’m a shy nerdlinger just like you.

at least there’s one human being out there who gives my heart butterflies. i was afraid i’d been broken. the mystery continues.
so i’m listening to tammi terrell alone in the morning.

good things.

..i can’t find my camera, but i’m calling to it, the way a dolphin would call to its young. i can feel it working. when located, i will continue to document my beautiful life, cloud formation for cloud formation.
lots of good, strong, creative energy has been had. nico and i have been making mad jewelry and i’ve been working on birthday cake-inspired accessories and doing studies of street fighter characters. whatever you’re picturing in your mind, you’re dead wrong♥
psychology is a trip and homework is excessive to my lifestyle but if the system doesn’t crash and burn, i’d rather draw and talk with people than sit in an empty hotel lobby for the rest dis bitch.

and in other news, let’s love and take care of one another. we’re all we got and things are getting more intense every day.

i love you.
-pimikwu sii


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