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February 5, 2011 / b. honey

a dreamtime interlude

snow is starting to fall, soft in the night:

i want to shine love into the darkest of your corners. you know what to try someday? dancing with your eyes closed and only thinking of the stars. my heart is the size of two fists and i sound like a chord change when i walk into the room. this i cannot help.

what it feels like…

delicate journey

IA life... my last taste.

nini originals!

girl in soft museum part one

we could hear them chanting through this door...

there were aliens in there.

love is all around.

girl in soft museum part two

new design for Dead Meat of Love: tuff grl's cap

hometown hero

new design for Dead Meat of Love: le sweet sportif



an eagle in the sky, bringing snow.

the old spot ♥

the day the cold came.

chango was happy. many others were too cold to notice :/

tiny paws!

like jewels to a desert baby!

the world's vibration has been throwing us off, but look at! beautiful apocolyptic sight!

la cienega makes me feel good♥

it’s been a wild winter and the past few days were quite strange.
we’re traveling together into something new, something different. look into your heart and you will find all the answers you need. the love you feel just might be real.

stay warm♥

***Special Soft Museum Promotion***
ever want to share love? if so, us kids at the soft have designed 14 limited edition electronic valentines for you to share and print! now see what happens!

our funny valentines ♥



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  1. Jenny O / Feb 6 2011 3:15 am

    The photos in this are amazing.

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