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January 21, 2011 / b. honey

song of wild cave baby

i am not perfect, but i am happy.
i carry my expectations with pride.
always trying to attain perfection.
nothing can phase me when true love is lighting the way.

the human soul is always beautiful. it is not very hard to see.

cupcake by nico @; breakfast by MAX @ HOUSE OF CREDENZA

swing it over here, shawty

"slimer" bag. dead meat of love (for girls)

sometimes i build too big...

... but i'm not afraid to correct my mistakes ♥

ready for anotha adventure.

bass distorts a beautiful full moonrise on my nephew nickle's 6th birthday♥


beautiful older brother!

matt's "two daughters"

nickle's customized birthday shirt :)

i made nickle a jellyfish for his birthday. here it is on it's first swim♥

my life is a sorbet dream!

in other news:

it’s a beautiful night.
let’s spend more time with loved ones, forget about the pressures of the outside world ♥
yours always,
la button ♥


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