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December 8, 2010 / b. honey

advent in the outer atmosphere

straight stchuntin inna di soft museum.
every day i wake up and do it again.


this my favorite song.
i feel bad that big lurch went fucking nuts.

…it’s not like last year.  no snow, no frost, just crunchy desert and those clear nights that will melt the skin from your face
nini is back in residence at the soft museum. if you would like to visit her, you must pay an admission of 10 cents.
‘sides that, i’m just always at work which is either hella boring or hella busy, no in-between.
on the boring days i just try to get as much work done as possible. i’m almost finished with like, 4 different things :D
so stay tuned, boone.

without furtha ado, here’s a slice of the giant pizza we call life…

ah, wildlife…

beautiful apparition


the cure for wintertime blues...




oh those eyes…


looks like my brain


3 mo’ shades & a lint roller $$$


coolest cat i know!


swangin con yack


working on a digi from dis sketch$$




nini’s manbabies


skyquee’ again!



aw♥ the great migration in its beginning stages! by nico, o’ course


life as i know it.




i’ve been a capcom art maniac since i knew what street fighter 2: turbo even WUZ

$$$THE GANG$$$


they made me decorate the tree at work… you can see that outside it’s obviously wintertime.
“eggplant is such a weird vegetable.”




“‘scuse me, the bitch been on my mind all week.”


a visit with cousin judy


sum my favorite people


the dedication of our yule shrine






next nite: decorating the tree in our own house!


see how stylish?


the yule shrine♥


got the name ta play da game




special guest artist, nicholas jay. “a diamond cat waits for the bus”
thrill killah

last gasp...

all i can say is that i’m blessed with the abundance of love.
i want to see where it takes us.

this journey is too beautiful to get lost within the confines of a normal reality.

autumn the bug


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