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November 23, 2010 / b. honey

back by popular demand…

…was the name of my lil’ brother’s first mixtape. a legend in itself.

here’s to everything we’ve done so far:

and so it continues, the expression of the soul which creates life, which creates and creates and creates until she can see a way out of this mess…

here is a flashing and unique trail of my memories:

lil' gaurdian

this peach was probably the same size as my brain...

if a bakery has a neon sign, it's worth going in!

dirtiest yet!

a birthday gift: NO EFFING WAY♥♥

a beautiful gift from beautiful max

pendleton hoodie: the illest in native american streetwear

jus me an' my momma

the peanut gallery♥

beautiful wishes!


yo that's just how i felt!

oooh, love hurts ♥

the essentials.

and we were blessed by tha Gthang♥

see how beautiful?

homemade La Llarona shirt. art by xaime hernandez o'course♥

erotic punk patch #1

keepin it live in da basement!

beautiful homeland!

fwends til da end $$$


lolita punk

's called samurai, son


delicate things

beautiful canyonland♥

the whole crew @ taos connections ♥

burgers by pops salazar!

gittin' spooky!

some sort of hip hop mummy...

even the burger is homemade!

la spooky!

incredible cakes by MAX!

a painting about samba music

*here comes a new challenger*


the latest♥

and it don't stop...

me & nico's first painting together! the soft museum forever!

i am just living every day, making the most of it, creating when i can.
the soft museum is almost one year old, and i think we’ve brought it a long way, from starting from nuthin.
but miracles and magic and love happen and these are the true driving forces of our universe.

my heart is full of sparkles and love for the future.
until next time,
baby astronaut



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  1. tg / Nov 23 2010 8:56 pm

    you are for sure baby asto knot!

  2. Pueblorevlt1989 / Nov 23 2010 8:56 pm

    i love it

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