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September 1, 2010 / b. honey

delicious lives and dreams

it’s been a long time coming and i’m still not there.

'nuff said!

i think he was actually scaring everyone away.

my navajo girls♥

who can argue wit this?

the junkfood tree in front of the library.

~foxy girls at da firegod~

santa fe is full of pony sculptures.

prepping for a yummy photoshoot directed by nini!

nica keeps her photos fresh..

how innocent! french tips and fresh apples!

the people's champ

look how pretty!

check the iron on i DIY'd ♥

my set.

nini's set.

nico's set.

but what were we to do with such fine nails?

done nail painting at 1am..

it ain't easy bein' bangin'..

put 'em awn!

far too dainty.

girl's takin' an important cawl.

the grapefruit never had a chance..

if only 1" frenchtips decked out in glitter, jewels, and artificial flowers was practical... one day...


the aftermath. the contents of the photoshoot are intended for a mature audience and at present are with the artist being evaluated.

fishslab. gabe & yack cook thee best food.

my stolen breakfast ♥

i’m almost used to being back in school, learnin’, doing what i do best, tryna stay on top of my homework for my chinese class.
today i went for a sunset run in the desert. the crickets were singing and some one was watching television in a house far away.
que viva santa fe! fiestas are coming. i’m pro-city different, anti-genocide. the fiesta council don’t fuck with me. and really, i just want zozo to burn all my gloomies away…

burn him!

every day i become something new. my mind and heart are open and i’m learning endurance and strength.
every day i do it for myself so that i can do things for you.
i will rescue you.



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  1. Jenny O / Sep 23 2010 4:37 am

    tips don’t lie.

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