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August 10, 2010 / b. honey

true life of a cryptid ♥

put on ya shades & bust out the chupa chups, we’re goin’ heatwavin’!

tonight’s sountrack:

grind steady all night & all day, weddings, dulces, sewin, writin, paintin, drawin, never sleepin… sigh. it’s a good life.
but at the same time, it ain’t easy bein’ interdimensional. thank you friends & fam. thanks for holding it down.

but i’m still a weary startraveler.
i’ve got to believe in you.

true grit: shotgunnin summer.

the after-squirt.

kang max

kang nica

a poorly placed picture of a painting prototype

jumpin' & divin'

splash foe ca$h

it's too hot to stay inside.

little otter go-go

big pimpin' & sun bathin.

b.honey in the 70s.

the trunchbull.

the beginnings of a self-made patch ♥

"this represents living the dream: the monsters are real! what we imagine is real!"

nearing completion...

going... somewhere...

mi madre y chandra!

the babys!



exclusif: une dwayno-daryl experemente.

hand built & slow roasted.


she's got that INDIAN TOUCH. my dear friend tiffany in town!

a manifestation of my soul.

yin:yang autumn:matty


"monsoon" check it @ taos connections!

beautiful girl, beautiful world.

STYLE SHOT: T*Home's madclassy accessories.

STYLE SHOT: hito & hito art!


this is the most beautiful thing i can possibly think of.

*may we remove the obstacles that stand before us with ease*

sweet lemon pepperment & rose colored dreamz...

each day i strive to balance heaven and earth.

something tells me that it’s only gonna get better.

i love you.
stand tall & believe.



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