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August 1, 2010 / b. honey

yes, please. create true happiness

greetings from the 5th demension.
one is a number, heart is a hunter.

jam this in ya earhole.

i am forever creating my own future.

welcome to my spaceship, you're beautiful forever. the king of pop greets you.

my big brother jackie had a birthday, so we covered him in miniature dogs.

♥my baby love♥

oh! and what a little artist he is! a portrait of LB.

"thug love"

don't judge a book by it's pink skirt. binki pendleton-solis.

happy birthday keisha & jack!!

uncle yack's a good uncle. nickle is the sweetest. & pretty keisha is my newest sister ♥♥

samurai yack!

xoxo 2 u

some tourists getting tricked.

QUE VIVA CHANGO! riding with my best friend and the god of storms.

a tiny bird somehow hopped into the house...

he loitered a little before he left through the front door.

my latest project. i've never constructed clothes before but i so badly want to. so it's an experiment every day.

calico junky. real bitches make stuff.

thought & time = success.

paitience allows me to love each moment.

i want each movement to create progression.

sewin' kit ♥

a soft museum paintin' party!

there were even indigenous representitives in attendance.

i work way out in the boonies.



"side straw... it's something bill cosby would do."

did we mention tiny's is the shit??

i love dreams come true.

beautiful life.

don't let that angellic smile fool ya.


reverse gravity.

team wish.

but we were still lonely for amy.

it's called "oh-la-la."

the thick of it ♥

peaceful dreamlike lifetime.

then we woke up to aztecas.

sunshine and good feelings.

the latest...

puttin' in work. 'cause i love it.

forever sweet ♥

so my friends are over and i’d rather chill with them than type anymore.



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