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July 21, 2010 / b. honey

the sun’s children

ah, summertime…
thanks to my job, i’ve attended like, 6 weddings in the past month.
but when i come home, workclothes fly and you can find me sewing, sketching, paintin’, or cueing up some great tunes:

meanwhile, on “planet earth,” within “society,” here’s where we stand (together):

que viva chango! love & blessings for all!

on the 4th of july, i took the strawberry shortcut! but this is the aftercake. gruesome.

cesars or cesars? i won't lie, their gyros are like, the shit.

then one day a nica appeared! but there was still something missing...

... a max!! HOORAY!



melted candle status...

"what if i told you those were all made from REAL PEOPLE??" @ the hippie garden

that day, nini was having her scalp removed ♥ those'er nico's monsters on the right

"funkee baby"

they're both all crazy for vintage my little ponies♥

what's better than a mariachi extravaganza??

part of the soft museum: the starseeds' live-in atelier

tourist photo. ha.

this is what b.honey drives, in the later comics.

the best part about my job besides a couple gnarly bruises here and there: THE POOL! here is max powers as "cabana boy."

work hard/play hard: the starseeds paint in taos together!


my dad hooked us up. the aftermath. thanks, dad. matty was there too, but he's hard to photograph. like a baby fox.

the green girl: final form. i brought her home and played her some portishead. sigh. i hope her new owner will treat her well.


i think she can control the weather... but why is she so ominous?

straight out the sweatbox: i saw one of my #1 homegirls on her birthday. hipp-e was playing some dirty shit but, as usual, some woman was being dramatic on the dancefloor and the crew had to flee, so this was all i saw of this nativeamericangyspywitchpunkrockprincess♥

i'm a sucker for good packaging.

sometimes i sneak in a sketch at work...

the blue bird of happiness.

for more recent work, check out the SKETCHBOOK II section ♥ pretty universe relationship!

phoenix passing over.

“they say that goodness in life belongs to those who believe… so… i believe.” -mosdef

praise jah, ya’ll, praise jah.
-eighty gomez
(say it 3 times fast)


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