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June 29, 2010 / b. honey

the federation of fantastic creation.

this lifecycle i am a human girl. something tells me that it’s a hard knocked life out there for us starseeds. all we can do is bite down and grind hard, live to create and decipher the new secrets of the human race. the lonely earth will create change ♥

my name is b.honey and i’m documenting my life. i want to create amazing things with what i’ve been given by the gods (ie: the universe; GOD; the supreme bean), a few paint tints and a bit of string. this is how it all starts:

nu pia is becoming a prolific playwrite and directress ♥

i call this one "Lil' Legs."

they may be cute, but they wild.

this also is called "Lil' Legs."

Lil' Legs III: A Crossing

gold lights for queen earth!

dukecity, where ice cream men aren't always so lucky...

the parallel universe of taos.

she's going to be happy in a new home: "The Green Girl"

o man. if only this could be exclusive of the soft museum!

beautiful life as much as possible. my heart feels good at most.

taos summer fashion iconic lovechild mindframe

i love you, forest.

hot fashion season! child's bear clip!

we did some tiny shopping in taos...

COWBOY! SWEET TIME WITH YOU MY HONEY MONKEY! this is one of the finest things i own! lookit honey monkey!!! *cry

fashion shot! santa fe knights on the town.

fashion shot! santa fe knights on the town.

a card i made foe my mom when i was small. note that i'm in a rocket going to earth. not suprising.

the open garage was great! until a giant fucking centipede crawled into my shirt while i was laying around. it was quite an ordeal. you could hear it's feet clicking on the cement when it ran away from me.

o man! home sweet home! it feels so good that it makes my heart ache!

a gift from grandma salazar ♥

beautiful pure love and inner peace & sweet night's sleep!

the skies opened unto us humble souls merging onto cerillos.

rainy summer day off! paradise kiss! fresh coffee teaset!

our cool, new, handmade screen. *high five*

build build build. with good intentions, anything is possible. everyday i loose fear of myself. and so it goes.

was listening to the new deftones, since i been listening since i been a teenage graffiti vermin or even before, and i was glad to hear evolution and cosmic alignments, so deep respect and big ups. i like watching things grow.

rich innervision yeah.

love for all.


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