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June 21, 2010 / b. honey

i think the hard part’s over…

… and now summer will begin sweetly and sweatily♥

you’ve never seen anything quite like this♥

summertime is for paradise kiss. no school books to read, no papers to write.


this is how the ultra-rares get funky:

back in santa, we've been climbing mountains

i traveled to taos to do art. hit up the gallery TAOS CONNECTIONS when you're there. they will give you knowledge.

it was the center of my life.

i also spent quality time with my brotha, DJ SHA.

my babies! que lovely!

and we all went home on a dusty dirt road♥

sweet find!! it was made just foe me. pink even!

@ grandma & grandpa's house. needed to be seen.

i'll give you a quarter if you can find the chipmunk♥

i helped build that corner ♥

sometimes it's like heaven on earth.


taos gallery life...

the girls♥

the spooky colors of a forest fire.

eve'ry day something new (free yo mind & yo ass will follow)

they call her the green girl.

the energy lately has been intense for every one, so just remember at your worst moments, you are not alone, you are shining with the lights of the gods and representing creation and love. know that no one will ever be left behind. not with me around.

peace, love, and everything inbetween.



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  1. tgo / Jun 21 2010 7:48 pm

    Hey! I like yo arts! Said so!

    • b. honey / Jun 21 2010 7:55 pm

      thanky that means a lot to me ♥

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