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June 8, 2010 / b. honey

t&a’s most excellent adventures

some mornings i wake up and decide to journey into the unknown.

for your listening pleasure, may i present the chemical brothers. this music will represent my most recent adventure ♥

life beautiful amazing strange fun strange aliens strange hope and love.

we prepared by loading the green hornet with many tasty treats and cute clothes.

don't meth with texthith.

and there we were... where new dreams are made

and there we were... in the belly button of the bible belt.


by the time we reached st. louis, we were tired and hungry. as adventurers often do, we sampled something we'd never had before...

we woke up at a national heritage center, where ancient indians used to dwell.

tiffany learned something.

see how primitive?

it felt good to be there.

woodhenge was amazing, obviously.

desert girls really like bridges.

and somehow we ended up here...

it was all dramatic.

we looked foe george noory, but all we found was this arch.

also this was pretty pimp, for shrimp.

i don't even know what state this one's in. not texas.

we drove alot.

this is where we began our search for pennsylvania bigfoot

one bridge in one maddison county. i think.

a real farm!

by night, we'd made it to new york city, but oh no, children. they were not yet to their destination...

that's not a UFO. it's the moon, silly.

hooray fpr prov-prov!!!

the first day, we went to visit this guy at the penobscot tribe's massif casino.

tiffany felt at home too.

i was having fun 'til i realized that none of the foliage was real!

i played this, not slots. also there was a cute boy working in the arcade. shoulda hit him up for another plastic skull ring...

...and that first day, we met the atlantic ocean ♥ VIVA YEMAYA!

VIVA YEMAJA * blessings for everyone!

desert girls love the ocean ♥


soldiers' arch, providence, ri. the location of a dance party we almost missed.

good thing we didn't! i ♥ photos of whitekid dances.

in the forbidden science building...

fashion shot ♥

to top it off, here's a newborn kitty, pawpads still soft.

potty humor at the wickenden pub, yaw'll.

oh yeah, what we actually went for: brown university's commencement!

see how cool?

aw! pretty dana!

alright! cool font!

SUPER GRLS! quite a stylish crew, aren't we?

the perfect card ♥

this is the only one i saw that wan't run over :(

prov-prov at night-night

ave maria!

MM.. india point park!!! my favorite! i wish it really was just a couple blocks down...

i took this for my baby SHA?

the brokedown marina or whatever.

tiffany received her superpowers that day.

dana lived on the top floor.

the inventor of providence doing some kind of retarded dance, trying to be cool.


hey kids! this is what a REAL art department looks like!!!

dana moved out her house, so we got to stay here ♥ it's historic ♥

i got to pretend that this was my room.

nothing to compare to the soft museum, of course.

dope wallpaper

tiffany adjusting her shoe during a rainstorm ♥

the soggy bottom grls.

awl right! the broken down marina or whatever in a RAINSTORM! chango!

it used to be some sort of place where people had fun.

then we were like, eff it, let's go to narragansett.

when we got the beach, which was beautiful and clean and amazing even in the rain, my camera battery ran out.
then, the next day we went to NYC, where we saw the MoMA and times square and ate roy’s pizza.

too bad i couldn’t have pictures of that too…

here's a flick of pittsburgh to make up for it.

this is where mosquitoes live. in ohio. with the loveland toad.

and the final thing we saw by daylight that wasn't oklahoma.

i dropped off tiffany in norman :( and then commenced travelling alone.

this was all i wanted to see. home.

i've been to thousands of beautiful places, and still none can top this!

those were only photos.
nothing can replicate the sensation of clean sand, trees for days, everything within walking distance, the bonding between friends, the hot stink of new york, the traffic, all the road kill, the magic in pennsylvania, the taste of fresh fish, the taste of your first narragansett beer. thanks ya’ll. it’s been beautiful.

i feel like i had a perfect time. i hope you did too.

-sista girl.


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