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May 18, 2010 / b. honey

the empire starts now.

bang bang, there goes miss thang thang.


cloudships in santa fe!

playing japanese demon girl with matty ♥

letta to da editor

and they were setting up for graduation...


i never had one of these before.

my last reading as an IA student. aw.


and then kitten suprise! viva no homework!

mighty morphin' power writers... mm.

los brothers ♥


our cake ♥

daisy y gabe

powerful fun

from kaku ♥

from momita

from sarah

from jessica

partners en grime♥

mm.. lazy sunday en santa fe ♥♥♥

how beautiful.

this was one a visit to the roanhorse, our favorite superhero.

check out that UFO next to the lumberjack...

the world may never know.


it’s summertime kids. that’s all the internet i’ll need for the next century. time to play outside and watch x-men the cartoon.
next time: kid stuff.

peace out.


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