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May 10, 2010 / b. honey

runnin’ anchor.

my name is b.honey, and i’m overwhelmed.
but that doesn’t mean i’m not enjoying myself.

this episode’s music brought to you by:

now that’s how you feel the groove!

here are a few other ways:

if this is not awesome, then nothing is.

little brovah…

…y tiny hito

we took the alternative path.

jumpin’ walls @ sunrise springs

this is what she really looks like.

pachucabilly riot!!

and now for the Koffin Kats who are wonderful & badass ♥

the next day, matty & i drove to the clouds.

i love the wonderful fatherland!

it’s like getting scrubbed with a wet muppet: baby’s first car wash.


o shit.

trusted & tru, he’s in the clean up crew.

see how beautiful?

chuco showed up with his girl, MJ.

all’s well dat ends well. oh yeah, the red ranger’s our new roommate ♥
he’s pretty nice so far.

matt & creepy jesus.

“what mom truly looks like”

graduation makes one shy and blurry.

two portfolios to assemble, one critique, a dinner, a reading, a million cousins and family members, one commencement practice, one commencement, one dinner, one night of parties to go!

sometimes i’m excited, but really i don’t know what the big deal is.

summer’s creeping in & so are raves & roadtrips.

let’s all try to be beautiful people,



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