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April 12, 2010 / b. honey


1st thing’s first:
i need a minute, listen to some hendrix and remember all those stories and songs and all the things i learned just by observing. our grandpa taught us how to love and be righteous, how to dissent and take society’s standards as a suggestion. we didn’t have that many indian men to look up to but he was always there, to the scandal of my grandma, who loves her baby brother like i love mine. i still get choked up, but the news came at a point when i was feeling stronger than ever, at a point when instead of feeling like i’d lost something, i felt like i’d gained a reason to fight harder. we’re dedicating it to the ones who’ve passed. this one’s for grandpa sonny, with love from your granddaughter, pimikwusii, who the last words she heard you say were let your youth shine like a generatin’ machine! and who you told always to smile, you always living like jesus. we’ve got more reason to shine.

old business:

an influential street biography of young artist b.honey.

start here:

representing with extreme style.

no colgate for him. this pimp use windex.

nik danjah: a true gentleman

they call her: LA HONEY

that night, pigs had wings.

and we received the gift of gab/
i also got to shake his hand

it was nica’s last night on jupiter…

we are sweet best friends always!

the next day, someone got into the shrimp salsa before dinner!

nickle found some eggs ♥

this also happened ♥

we all enjoy our time together.

i found this, which is beautiful, but no egg.

matty & L.B ♥

this is pretty much as exciting as it gets ’round there.

traveling north.

i woke  up champion of denver, colorado.

literature joke.

whitekids gettin’ low-low-low-low-low-low-low

but lucky for me, an angel ♥


ain’t no harm in a little dubstep.


the best part was the giant disco ball.

the meanest & the cleanest/

gangsta broads.

lord byron the writa.

lord byron the writa and the imfamous bear and a million ghosts and empty denver streets.
how poetic, yo.

too early to ride the lite rail…

blood on the sidewalk ♥

instant friends, pimpin & shrimpin

sick font.

baby’s first cannoli.

pure insanity.

this is so beautiful to me ♥

colorado… later, i guess.

always live like you belive in it.
off to apache.



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