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March 7, 2010 / b. honey

boy howdy.

here’s one for the bitches with mad class.

been hangin’ with the boys all weekend, my big bruddahs. they teach me cool things. we talk about family values, sip on jameson, take care of each other, spit rhymes on our downtime, & take frequent trips to the basement where we plan the future. we believe in us. the comanche conglomerate. we’re like the ninja turtles & shit. roll wit us or get rolled over.

and little autumn? just hanging at the soft museum, quietly grindin’, buying groceries & payin’ rent, EWOPin’ the day away (thank you!), livin’ lavish, sittin’ pretty, getting my resources together, calculating my next move. i intend to flabbergast existences. i was born to. tired of brainwashed motherfuckers.

on another level, here are quick glimpses of  memories and dreams:

they’ve landed.

point of fashion: small monkey plush toy worn on wrist as bracelet!

point of fashion: sajni!


the twins!


hangin’ at granma julia’s!

hitochan on the first warm day of the year 2010

chango y chandra ♥

i love my life and all the things in it ♥

the twins!

just layin’round at the museo de soft


santa barbara, king chango, & all the gods of luck and good fortune, pray for us ♥

hail holy queen!

st. lucy, pray for us so that we will be inspired.

santana, please send us guidance when we don’t know where to turn.

a little glimpse of hito island

this is what his personality is like exactly, for those afraid to ask

! que lovely !

dr. acula, a rapping spacequeen energy vampire; a trifecta of whores (said in new jersy accent),beautiful paintings by nini; and mugatu in a pair of orange polyester pants with fringe at the cuffs.

isn’t my best friend the greatest?

this is our bathroom art.

mountains in the background, green hill zone music from sonic the hedgehog the original classic on the speakahs ♥

so long, suckers.

this is where the cactus live! ♥

unsuccessful attempt at capturing a ghost at la fonda

he will remove your obstacles and give you protection.

precious homie ♥ we have good conversations ♥

the gruesome twosome! in three-d!

how cute ♥

night of mischief.

the last picture of the night..
i think that’s pussycat video, now that i take a good look.

extraordinary, right?

special shouts out to tiffany, dante j., george noory, all the baby deer in the house, my movah, my brovah, the light.



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