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February 26, 2010 / b. honey


praising jah’s name and all his glories, so those of us who’ve seen the dark may see the light and speak the profound and shocking truths of unconditional love.
and if you don’t know how to do this and would like to, ’cause it’s awesome, ask her:
she loves you ♥

meu favorito happened & i feel like gold♥
i feel like samba music and warm sake and sunshine and birds in the morning.
right now.

but back then…
that max is a piece of work!

hito was unhappy in his self-made teddy shirt!

a corncobpipe&abuttonnose&2eyesmadeoutofcoal

the womens.

got our del charchar awn.

table manners were used.

walking with friends from del char to the matador.
one of my top favorite scenes every time.

the matador.




we went driving in the tundra.

it was my favorite snowstorm.

more art.

unfinished buisiness.
max wanted it to say “fullflex” so it says “fullflex.”
i don’t even know what that means ♥

some art trash’s gonna steal “postcolonial punkers.”
the world’s gonna change, are you taking your vitamins & sunshine?
i bought all these catholic medals of obscure saints for $5.

here’s a song for those weed smokers & whiskey drinkas out there hustlin’ at all times.
someday i’ll be smokin’ and drivin’, come pick you up rollin’ wit that candypaint, woodgrain, silver spokes & 24s I BOUGHT FOR MYSELF ♥ ♥ ♥

the gods have given me everything i need, and i am thankful (mae oshun & que viva chango!).
all that i need now is the inspiration and drive to write & blessings for all of my friends & family.




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