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January 22, 2010 / b. honey

sittin on top the world.

i’ve been hustlin’ in this life a mine…

that’s supposed to be s.fe.

it was an especially beautiful day, thanks to blunts in the spider cave ♥

these cloud flicks remind me of another photo i took in june, 2007 in medugorje, bosnia-herzegovina:

wait, let me zoom in about a hundred times…

see those red circles? no one else could see what’s in them but me…

the world may never know, but since those days, i’m changed.

in other news, 2010 proves to be mellow & fresh.

somethin’ for my taos granma, in progress.

homemade by yack & gabe

the rare Futuris Wizardarian

the world is a vampire, alright.

click here to see mummified monsters in japan:

click here to see why zombies may become a reality:

click here to see an ancient, accurate map of the world:

nothing’s changed, i still love you, oh i still love you…
(only slightly, only slightly less than i used toooooooo),

miss gmz.


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