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January 9, 2010 / b. honey

find a way.

praises to the jah that be and the gods of earth and air, for they are the truth.

i may be ruff and tuff, but beyond the grime is my soul, which is devoted to the gods, sweetness, light & love, and my family ♥

i just traveled to taos pueblo for buffalo dance and kings’ day.
it was sweet.
i played in the cold with my pretty baby cousins, had real talks with my grandparents, i ate lots of good food, helped in the kitchen, ate mad pueblo bread and red chile, hung out with my dad and uncles, got to dress up and go to the dances, breathed clean air, saw more stars, got warmed up, found some more sweetness under all the shitty muck of last year/month.

recent influences
(these are some things that break my heart, because they are so beautiful):

that’s sexual.

i am like city corn!

i’ve built shrines in the squirrel hole:

we in the soft museum are very blessed.


atumba williams, executive extrordinaire


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