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January 6, 2010 / b. honey

this must be the place.

this is pretty much the most beautiful image i could think of today.

it is rare and obscure, thus beautiful.
this is also beautiful, rare, and obscure. the song at least.i like watching frenchie dudes git down.

on new year’s eve i self-peirced my ear ’cause fuck everything.
then, two days later, i got an unprecedented wasp tattoo.
that’s wasp the insect, not wasp the band, or wasp “white anglo-saxon protestant”.
that’d be funny though.

new year’s eve happened. me and the gang celebrated.

we were at sunrise springs, so i had to bring my own hobo wine and pabst blue ribbon.


lil’ badass

lil’ halfdead

then me and max pierced our own ears with a safety pin to prove our brotherhood.
it wasn’t even midnight yet.

yeah right.

aside from the AKs gleefully firing in the distance, it was a quiet new year.
some would even call it a pachuco’s night.
there were lots of bowls of cereal and of other meaningful things.


in the morning, i awoke.
and i couldn’t remember…
what was love and what was hate…
the calculator’s error…

we’ve been working for these moments for the past 10 years…

our lives are beautiful.

a tiny SHA? tag ♥

a tiny SHA? ♥

also, my number one favorite person had her birthday♥♥♥

here she is in her favorite chair, talking to one of her best friends, watching her favorite show (bonanza), eating her favorite ice cream on her birthday.

i couldn’t ask for anything more.

today, i conquered the squirrel hole.
tomorrow, buffalo stance.





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