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December 27, 2009 / b. honey

food, folks, & uncle yack’s homemade liquor

finally, i have a place to blast lil’ wayne on a sunday morning, early.
praises to jah & the family o’ light for making this and all other things possible.

speaking of praise jah kingdom…

christmas in burque happened!

faralitos were lit wif care.

the holiday spirit was centered around yackie’s triumphant return to NM, binki, and nickle ’cause he’s the littlest.

“to: autumn flan
from: bad hobo”
jack is insanely creative.
here is a portrait of his homemade drank (aka hooch).
it looks like science, but those er berries in there…

…so we was sippin on this drank as a family♥

it was real nice.
my family is so cute & cuddley. they make me happy forever!

also: i found the will to finish me deer!

i searched a whole half hour in michael’s for teddybeareyes
but my search was in vain. so i bought buttons. and then i was smart
enough to achieve this mischievous look with a paint pen. i like it, ’cause
i think it matches the personalities of both nickle and kaku.

kaku really liked hers, i wrote her a sweet note on a bonanza post card.
dang, she really loves bonanza!
her deep affection for lorne greene and cowboys has been passed on to her granddaughter for sure.

also, i got a box of easy mac, some vienna sausage, tuna, a ninja turtle pimp cup, neat books, nice clothes, and a pink katana (!), which still must be photographed extensively.

so from here, i will evolve another day.
my squirrel hole is finally starting to look like a squirrel home.

end part two.


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