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December 23, 2009 / b. honey

how to build a deer toy when you have no idea how and other stories ♥

last night it snowed.

for the weekend, we had a sort of party.
the company was good and the refreshment plentiful.

beautiful cholas were everywhere!

he’s not usually allowed to drank, but some dumbfuck cut his squeek out :'(

that was also the night me n nica went to 2 different allsup’s.

then, the next day, my dear friend max came over to celebrate his 23rd ♥
bona festa, ya’ll.

max voted for christ.

then me and hito-chan played toys

how beautiful ♥

how bizarre ♥

my new favorite place.


lately, i’m all about :
great adventures, staying warm, not giving a fuck. oh yeah, and all the real hot green chile i can git.

oh yeah, and my little nephew nickle and kaku’s christmas gifts.
i’m making them each a stuffed deer, ’cause i can never be there to cuddle them.

i’ve made toys before, but they were pillow-like. i also have little to no knowledge about sewing patterns of any kind, so i looked at stuffed animal patterns and made it up as i went along ♥

this helped, kinda.

but as an artist, i found the above sketch of bunny clothes much more influential on my work.

so last night, through some miracle of god, i made a pattern for a 3-D deer, cut my fabric according to it, and so far, it’s looking far better than i thought it would.

my primary model.
the song “fashion” was playing when i took these.

time 2 chop N screw
(but the green one i might wear out one night…)

the boy one is for nickle (it has buttons on one side and a pocket on its leg and eye ♥),
the flower’d one is for kaku.

this is when i realized that i’d finally done something right.

bueno, i plan to finish these tonight.

tomorrow: taken in by the wild comanches.

happy xmas, praise jah glory.

–end communication–

here’s how the dolls turned out!

deer dolls ♥

deer dolls ♥

to see more of the process, please check out the next story!


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